ViaSat Office

ViaSat is in the business of connecting the world through satellite technologies. For their new flagship office in Austin, they needed a design that was tailored to both their brand and business needs. The program – which required transforming 15,000 square feet of abandoned gym space – included private offices, flex spaces, huddle rooms, and support areas for 50 people.

The design plays upon the theme of “intentional connectivity” – one of the clients brand messages – and embodies this connection through visual, physical, and emotional avenues. Visually, Runa’s design maximizes the space’s potential for natural light with its orientation towards the surrounding parkland and iconic lakefront. Large graphics and art installations cultivate a sense of pride in Austin. Physically, the space is characterized by a cascade of distinct, uncluttered work environments that employees are invited to switch between throughout the day. Emotionally, the space is designed to foster a sense of community. The interior layout invites exploration through stimulating architectural gestures that challenge the brain, leading one to invest in the space through a mixture of intrigue and ownership.

“Intentional connectivity” as a design concept works both to benefit the client’s brand identity and the wellness of their employees. The result is a space that is smart, bold, different, in a uniquely ViaSat way.

Client: ViaSat
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 15,000 square feet

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