801 Barton Springs

The building concept is to allow the dynamic forms and flows indicative of local streams to inform the building architecture.

The architectural language of the project is derived from the systems and structures of a Texas stream overlaid on the building program; volumetrically expressed by three shifting volumes, like limestone riparian ledges.

The upper building mass of 801 Barton Springs, is a serene pool, like one might find at the top of a waterfall. The placid aesthetic of this programmatic volume relates to the office environment. The middle volume, hosting the garage evokes water in vertical flow cascading over a limestone ledge. The lower volume of the building is the refreshing redirection of the cascade as it unites with the urban streetscape; splashing with activity, connectivity and promise. Within the ground level, a restaurant space and class A office lobby invigorate the pedestrian street frontage of Barton Springs Road.

Client: Generational Commercial Properties & HTZ Investments
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 217,000 square feet

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