Austin Visitor Center

The design concept of the Austin Visitors Center is the representation of the “Two Austins” coexisting harmoniously – one Austin being the southern, outdoorsy, artistic, eclectic Austin; and the other being the modern, high-tech, urban, hip Austin. It is this relationship between the two that makes this City unique and so appealing to people.

The representation of these two different, but compatible Austins can be seen in all levels of the design, from space planning to the material selection and application. We use the contrast of this duality to help define the spaces within the Visitor Center while keeping an open and inviting space that could be also used for both private and public events. The “separation” of these spaces is perceived by contrast. The lounge & informational areas of the Austin Visitors Center are predominantly modern in aesthetic as it relates to technology & data; while the retail & office areas are more eclectic and rustic, with a warm modern twist of the barn concept.

Lady Bird Lake is an icon for the City of Austin. It brings together people from different backgrounds and captures the diversity & spirit of Austin. We incorporated the lake as a unifying element in the space, represented as a reveal in the ceiling that flows from one end to the other.

Client: Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 4,000 square feet
Completion date: Early 2014
Interior Design: Runa Workshop & Angela VanDeWalle

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