Caffé Medici

Focused on the art of the barista, Runa Workshop created a space that at its essence is about the process of making coffee. Central to that experience is the standing espresso bar with two baristas back-to-back and seating on all sides.  The close proximity of the patron to the barista provides opportunity for a more personal interaction, allowing the patron a first-hand vantage point of the craft and passion the baristas at Caffé Medici offer.  All first-level seating is oriented towards the espresso bar to maintain the connection and flow to the Caffé Medici team.  The mezzanine level is pulled away from the storefront to create a unique perspective for patrons looking out onto Congress Avenue, while creating a volumetric frame for the standing espresso bar below.  The specialty bar provides an opportunity for customers to experience unique beers, wines, and coffee brewing techniques.  Owner Michael Vaclav strives to create at each of his stores an experience that is responsive to its location and demographics.  This contemporary-designed urban location is warm, welcoming and stays true to the essence of Caffé Medici while embracing its urban setting.
Client: Caffé Medici
Location: Austonian, Austin, Texas
Size: 2,100 square feet
Completion date: March 2011

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