Crystalis is a cocoon-like protective glass enclosure that provides shelter in rainy and cold conditions while still allowing for visual transparency and ventilation. By placing the entry to one side, the glass wall of the bus stop facing the street guards from splashing caused by traffic. The smaller opening on the opposite side of the entry allows for air flow and ventilation and also prevents waste from accumulating. The shape, color, & pattern gives the bus stop identity.

The four glass panels are symmetrical and are assembled with structural silicone, fittings combined with the light fixtures in the ceiling, and fittings in the base. The panels are transparent tempered and curved glass. The translucent and colored areas of the panels can be achieved after manufacturing with polycarbonate spray and laminate decals. The decals can be interchanged for different advertising and media opportunities. At night, Crystalis acts as a beacon for travellers. The glass glows from the solar-powered LED fixtures. Glass has natural fiber-optic qualities which make the edges appear to glow.

Selected for AIA Center for Emerging Professionals Annual Exhibition 2013

Location: Non-specific
Completion date: Unbuilt

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