Hill Country Indoor

Hill Country Indoor is a 85,000 square facility with two full soccer/lacrosse fields, three basketball/volleyball courts, concession, general fitness, specialized health and fitness, lounge, yoga, and cycling all under one roof.  The design concept was to create an “object in movement”, breaking the static preconception of tilt-wall construction while generating an architecture that changes with the elements, interacts with the patrons and transforms visually at different perspectives.  

To achieve that we started looking at patterns based on different heart rates, each attributed to a specific activity.  We mapped the program activities and generate a pattern to be embossed on the concrete walls.  The pattern on the Tilt Wall panels will constantly interact with the sun, creating shadows and changing the character of the building throughout the day.  The shape of the building also was altered from the traditional Tilt Wall box.  The displacement of the volumes resembles the three axial body movements in sports.  The building, as a body of mass, also moves in horizontal, frontal and sagittal planes by program stimuli.

Client: Hill Country Indoor
Location: Bee Cave, Texas
Size: 85,000 square feet
Completion date: T.B.D.

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