Piraeus Tower

The concept is inspired by the story of Poseidon and Athena competing to become the patron of Athens.  The building emerging from a pool of water symbolizes Poseidon’s return, bringing prosperity and modernity to the city of Piraeus.  The building skin represents this emergence from water.  The parameters for the fenestration patterns are based on digital studies of the shadows, rhythms, and reflections created by various water streams.  Utilizing both layers of the double skin, the pattern is represented boldly with the large recessed windows and louver system as well as subtly with the strategic placement of colored glass on the inner glazing.  Resting in a pool of water created by Poseidon’s trident, the building is reflected to the sky, symbolizing a connection to the gods.  This reflecting pool also contains multiple sunken plazas providing opportunities to enjoy the views and the overall experience.

Client: International Competition
Location: Piraeus, Greece
Size: 37,500 square feet
Completion date: Unbuilt

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